I just finished a journal response to a scholarly article that discussed the apparent rise in violence in teenage girls.

And it made me kind of pissed, because people are unwilling to actually educate themselves about data (most force-fed to you from the media) and are just scapegoating other issues onto things like this. Yes, women don’t stay home and clean and cook and take care of their husband and kids exclusively anymore. They can go out and get jobs, just like men (even though that’s still unequal). But no, individualism is a bad thing. Oh, and violence in teenage boys isn’t as huge an issue because that’s just the way they are and have always been. 

Excuse me. Bullshit. (Not completely, I mean, yeah guys have a higher tendency to be violent but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less horrible than girls being violent because, um, last time I checked guys still dominated that category).

I think violence is an issue no matter what gender you are. Right? Right.

Moral panic is a funny thing, isn’t it?


I would write more about this if it’s wasn’t bed time. Maybe soon. Maybe.

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